"Daily frame me more and more into the likeness of Thy Son, Jesus Christ." - George Washington

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Goodwill OWNS

   I am so ridiculously happy right now! Just ask my mom and siblings. I just got home half an hour ago with lots of lovely things from Goodwill, just down the street.

   I have been severely lacking in my fall/winter wardrobe - I have only one long-sleeved shirt that I actually like and would wear in public. It was about time to do some shopping. With a little inspiration from Pinterest (<3) I was able to buy a wonderful variety of things.

   This picture inspired me to find a skinny belt and some cardigans, which I really am short on. Yeah, I have three cardi-vests, but no cardigans. And boy, is a cardigan useful! Always makes an outfit warm, and it can be dressed up, or down.
   I left the store with a tan cardigan, a navy V-neck sweater, and a big-for-me white and blue-striped blouse. (Because I like to have the shoulder freedom. And if it's hidden under a sweater or cardigan, who is going to notice that it doesn't fit?)

   I fell into an obsession with this idea --  wearing a belt over a tweed blazer. I didn't find precisely a tweed blazer, but still one I am very pleased with. I cannot wait to try wearing it somewhere.
   I also found a grey long-sleeved shirt that fits me perfectly. Happiness! I am so picky when in come to long-sleeved shirts. I hate turtlenecks. =P

   I actually have myself two pairs of oxford heels - a brown pair from Maurices, and a black pair that I picked up this weekend from a thrift store in Pella, Iowa. I would like to try wearing them this way.

   And the grand total is...

  $21.00! For six items! I am sooooo thrilled. ^.^

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pros and Cons

   Hey there, to my various visitors from Georgia! (I have been watching the feed, it looks like I have a cult down there.)

   I'm sorry I haven't been up to blogging much lately. I am truly busy, what with nannying twins, giving art lessons, teaching tumbling, and swing dance troupe practices and swing socials. Not to mention time with friends. Yup, I wasn't kidding! I'm so glad that I'm not in school on top of all of that. =]

   So blogging easily takes the back burner, it's more of a hobby and a way to share my thoughts when I feel inspired.

   Guess what? I am feeling inspired this morning.

   It was cold this morning, and this is just the beginning. The next few days, frost is expected. Oi...

   I hate winter. I really do. And right behind that is fall (despite my name, haha) because that means winter is coming. Why do I hate winter?? Because. It is COLD. I can't stand the cold. I would happily take a 100 degree day over a 0 degree day, anytime. Plus, I hate snow driving. I spun out three times last year, and I was scared to death every single time. If I never had to snow drive ever again, I would be one happy girl.

   Despite hating winter, and the cold, there really are things I love about this season - besides the holidays, and holiday foods. Those are a given. =)

   "I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don't feel so bad." And my favorite things all have something to do with staying warm. (Surprise, surprise.)
  • Wearing hoodies, lounge pants and heavy socks
  • The comforting sound of the heater humming
  • Watching the curtains dancing above the vent
  • Taking showers that are much too hot
  • Flannel sheets, and heavy blankets tucked under my chin
  • Keeping the heat in the car up full blast
  • Hot cocoa, hot tea, and more coffee
  • Wearing my gloves and scarves
  • (I'd say sitting in front of the fireplace, if we actually used it.)
What do you like or dislike about winter?