"Daily frame me more and more into the likeness of Thy Son, Jesus Christ." - George Washington

Friday, October 29, 2010

In Whatever State I Am...

   Dear friends and readers... *sigh*

   I cannot deny the shame I feel at abandoning you right in the middle of a series. I simply haven't prioritized my time well enough to have the motivation, or clear understanding to write another post. I apologize, and by God's help I shall strive to do better.

   In the meantime... our computer has been visited by a few viruses. We have no idea what, or where they're from, but Microsoft Works Word Processor has vanished. Our documents still exist (and most importantly are back up on a flash drive, thank you Jesus), but we can't open them. What does this mean? It means that the remaining verses and quotes I had chosen to write on are inaccessible. =/ It looks like my series on TRUE LOVE has come to a detour, I shall have to write about something else in the meantime.

   But, ladies and gentlemen, that's not a bad thing! Praise the LORD, He has decided to guide me on a better path. =)

   So my topic today will veer off in a different direction. I'd like to show you something that I've been meditating on for a few weeks, a bit of Psalms that God led me to. Most of you have read the grand passage of Psalm 37, which speaks of the peace and joy, and triumph of those who wait on the LORD. I have chosen to peruse a few of the Psalms since it's been awhile, and I enjoy them so much. David was a human and he wrote what was overflowing his heart. The Psalms are easy to connect to, they speak of human trials and emotions, joy and depression, and the hope of Christ. There seems to be a Psalm for every circumstance in life.

   The verses I have meditated on relate to my circumstances in life right now, being single, with the opportunities of several jobs, the blessings of various friends, more liberties and less responsibilities than I will ever have again. There is nothing I should desire, considering I have so many gifts, and these verses help me combat any discontentment or jealousy that tends to spring up.
Psalm 37:3-5  ~  Trust in the LORD, and do good; Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness. Delight yourself also in the LORD, And He shall give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the LORD, Trust also in Him, And He shall bring it to pass.
Trust in the Lord, and do good
   This came as a bit of a revelation, as a new meaning took me by surprise. This phrase makes me recall verses that Jesus spoke to His disciples, that if they loved Him, they would keep His commands. To love the Lord means that you'll obey Him no matter what, you'll do whatever you can to please Him. I suppose maybe this verse follows the same lines, that if you trust the Lord, you'll keep doing His will, for He does will us to do good. Keep taking steps forward, even when you aren't sure of what comes next. Those actions, my friends, prove a real trust in the Father, having faith in something you can't see, always moving on with the belief that God is in control.

Dwell in the land
   This one has a neat illustration. God has given us each a bit of land, a place to stay. He has let the lines fall in pleasant places, it's a good land and it's perfect for you. It's His will for your life and He has given you everything you need at this particular stage in life. So we're left with a few choices. We can sit on the fence and look down the road, longing so much for the next part of life that we become discontent. We can sit in our land in self-pity, wishing we had someone elses land, and opportunities. Or we can dwell in the land. We can choose to settle down and enjoy every opportunity and blessing that's been provided. Put down roots, make new friends, throw a party, write a book, learn to dance... Enjoy the moments you're in because you will never have them back. Don't waste them in wishing you had something else.

And feed on His faithfulness
   God's faithfulness is wondrous, He never changes. The same God who created Adam and Eve; who preserved the human race through Noah; who preserved His chosen people by leading them out of Egypt; who provided propitiation for His elect; is the same God who gave you life. He has given you health, food, a job, friends... You have always been provided for. Dwell on those thoughts! Meditate on God's works and delight yourself in them. Raise an ebenezer, declaring that God has brought you thus far, and that He will remain faithful to bring you home. Thank him for His faithfulness, and remember that He will never change.

Delight yourself also in the LORD
    Is the Lord your greatest luxury? Greater than wealth? Greater than the love of your friends, or the esteem of your co-workers? Greater than your education, talents, or accomplishments? In the end, God is all that matters, he is the One who has given you all your other "luxuries", and He can take them away. He is the only eternal being, whilst your earthly treasures will vanish. Make the Lord your joy and your desire, seek Him and make Him your closest, most treasured companion.

And He shall give you the desires of your heart
   The first thoughts that spring to mind are ones of manipulation. Maybe if you read your Bible a bit more, you'll earn brownie points from God and He'll be more inclined to give you whatever it is you want... We all know that's not how it works. =)
   I've heard it aptly put that when you delight yourself in the Lord... He becomes your desire. The closer you draw to the Lord, the more you want to know Him, and of course the Bible says that if you seek the Lord with your whole heart, you shall find him. It's a circle that grows ever tighter. As for your desires, other than the Lord, they will conform to His. The closer you draw to God, the more alike you become to him - the more you want to please Him - so that when you present a request before God, the more likely it is according to his will. Your desires are one with his.

Commit your way to the LORD, trust also in Him
   Commitment to the Lord doesn't come without trust. If you leave something in God's hands, you're admitting that you will no longer desire a plan different from His. You're casting your cares on him, throwing aside the doubts of God sovereignty and grace. You're willing to flex with the changes He has in mind. In committing your way to the Lord, you have dedicated to follow his commands and be content with His will.

And He shall bring it to pass
   One way to very simply put this is that God's will always comes to pass. There is nothing we do to hinder God's work, rather He uses us to help it along. But there's also a hopeful way of viewing this promise, when you have a great desire, or grand plans. By committing them to God, and working towards them with honest means, He will bring them to completion. I'm not saying that God will give you what you want, He oftentimes surprises us and throws on a better ending than we could have planned.

   That's a lot to think about in only three verses. =} But it's given me lots of meat to chew on for a couple weeks. God has truly guarded my heart and mind, as He promises in Philippians. The more I delight in Him, the more faded the world looks. He is truly sufficient.